New Zealand Government  




New Zealand has a parliamentary system of government closely patterned on that of the United Kingdom and is a fully independent member of the Commonwealth. Executive authority is vested in a cabinet led by the prime minister, who is the leader of the political party or coalition of parties holding the majority of seats in parliament. All cabinet ministers must be members of parliament and are collectively responsible to it.

The unicameral parliament (House of Representatives) has 120 seats Parliaments are elected for a maximum term of three years, although elections can be called sooner. The judiciary consists of the Court of Appeals, the High Court, and the District Courts.
Governor General Cartwright, Silvia, Dame
Prime Minister Clark, Helen
Dep. Prime Min. Cullen, Michael
Min. of Agriculture Sutton, James
Min. of Arts, Culture, & Heritage Clark, Helen
Min. of Biosecurity Sutton, James
Min. of Broadcasting Maharey, Steve
Min. of Civil Defense Hawkins, George
Min. of Commerce Dalziel, Lianne
Min. of Communications Swain, Paul
Min. of Conservation Carter, Chris
Min. of Corrections Gosche, Mark
Min. of Courts Wilson, Margaret
Min. of Crown Research Institutes Hodgson, Peter
Min. of Defense Burton, Richard (Mark)
Min. of Disarmament & Arms Control Hobbs, Marian
Min. of Economic Development Anderton, James
Min. of Education Mallard, Trevor
Min. of Energy Hodgson, Peter
Min. of the Environment Hobbs, Marian
Min. of Finance Cullen, Michael
Min. of Fisheries Hodgson, Peter
Min. of Food Safety King, Annette
Min. of Foreign Affairs & Trade Goff, Philip
Min. of Forestry Sutton, Jim
Min. of Health King, Annette
Min. of Housing Gosche, Mark
Min. of Information Technology Swain, Paul
Min. of Immigration Dalziel, Lianne
Min. of Industry & Regional Development Anderton, James
Min. of Internal Affairs Hawkins, George
Min. of Justice Goff, Philip
Min. of Labor Wilson, Margaret
Min. of Land Information Tamihere, John
Min. of Local Government Carter, Chris
Min. of Maori Affairs Horomia, Parekura
Min. of Pacific Island Affairs Gosche, Mark
Min. of Police Hawkins, George
Min. of Racing Gosche, Mark
Min. of Research, Science, & Technology Hodgson, Peter
Min. of Revenue Cullen, Michael
Min. of Senior Citizens Dalziel, Lianne
Min. of Social Services & Employment Maharey, Steven
Min. of Sports & Recreation Mallard, Trevor
Min. of State Accident Insurance Dyson, Ruth
Min. of State Owned Enterprises Burton, Richard (Mark)
Min. of State Services Mallard, Trevor
Min. of Statistics Tamihere, John
Min. of Tourism Burton, Richard (Mark)
Min. of Trade Negotiations Sutton, James
Min. of Transport Swain, Paul
Min of Veterans Affairs Hawkins, George
Min. of Women's Affairs Dyson, Ruth
Min. of Youth Affairs Tamihere, John
Min. in Charge of the Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations Wilson, Margaret
Treasurer Cullen, Michael
Attorney General Wilson, Margaret
Governor, Reserve Bank Bollard, Alan
Ambassador to the US Wood, John
Permanent Representative to the UN, New York MacKay, Donald J.