The monarch is the titular head of state. The Council of Ministers plans and implements government policy. The Monarch and the Council of Ministers together are called the Crown. Most ministers also head government ministries. Unlike the British system, Dutch ministers cannot simultaneously be members of parliament.

States General (Parliament). The Dutch parliament consists of two houses, the First Chamber and the Second Chamber. The judiciary comprises 62 cantonal courts, 19 district courts, five courts of appeal, and a Supreme Court which has 24 justices.
Queen Beatrix,
Prime Minister & Min. of General Affairs Balkenende, Jan Peter
Dep. Prime Min. Remkes, Johan
Dep. Prime Min. de Boer, Roelf
Min. of Agriculture, Nature Management, & Fisheries Veerman, Cees
Min. of Defense Kamp, Henk
Min. of Economic Affairs Hoogervorst, Hans
Min. of Education, Culture, & Science van der Hoeven, Maria
Min. of Finance Hoogervorst, Hans
Min. of Foreign Affairs de Hoop Scheffer, Jaap
Min. of Health, Welfare, & Sport de Geus, Aart Jan
Min. of Housing, Spatial Planning, & Environment Kamp, Henk
Min. of Immigration & Integration Nawijn, Hilbrand
Min. of the Interior and Kingdom Relations Remkes, Johan
Min. of Justice Donner, Piet Hein
Min. of Social Affairs & Employment de Geus, Aart Jan
Min. of Transport, Public Works, & Water Management de Boer, Rolf
State Sec. for Agriculture, Nature Management, & Fisheries Odink, Jan
State Sec. for Education, Culture, & Science Van Leeuwen, Cees
State Sec. for Defense van der Knapp, Cees
State Sec. for Economic Affairs Wijn, Joop
State Sec. for Education, Culture, & Science Nijs, Annette
State Sec. for Health, Welfare, & Sport Ross-van Dorp, Clemence
State Sec. for Finance van Eijck, Steven
State Sec. for Foreign Affairs (Development Cooperation) van Ardenne, Agnes
State Sec. for Foreign Affairs (European Affairs) Nicolai, Atzo
State Sec. for the Interior & Kingdom Relations Hessing, Rob
State Sec. for Social Affairs & Employment Rutte, Mark
State Sec. for Social Affairs & Employment (Emancipation & Family Policy) Phoa, Khee Liang
State Sec. for Housing, Spatial Planning, & the Environment van Geel, Pieter
State Sec. for Transport, Public Works, & Water Management Schultz van Haegen, Melanie
Chief of the Defense Staff Kroon, Luuk, VAdm.
President, The Netherlands Central Bank Wellink, Nout
Ambassador to the US van Eenennaam, Boudewijn
Permanent Representative to the UN, New York van den Berg, Dirk Jan