Fiji's system of parliamentary democracy, inherited when the country gained independence from Great Britain in 1970, was interrupted in 1987 with the installation of a military regime following two bloodless coups led by then-Lt. Col. Sitiveni Rabuka. Fiji returned to elected government in 1992. That government fell in November 1993 over failure to pass a budget for 1994. After a general election in February 1994, the government of Prime Minister Rabuka was returned to power.

In 1995 the Rabuka government initiated a constitutionally mandated review of the Fiji constitution, resulting in the signing into law of a new broadly accepted constitution which came into effect in July 1998. All major political parties participated in the review process and the new constitution is the result of consultation and consensus among the people of Fiji. The review process has helped restore confidence in the political and economic stability of the country.

Elections held under the new constitution in May 1999 resulted in a surprise Labor party victory, the installation of a "People's Coalition" led by an Indo-Fijian Prime Minister, Mahendra Chaudhry. The elections were conducted freely and fairly, and led to a peaceful transition of power.
President Mara, Kamisese, Ratu, Sir
Prime Minister Chaudhry, Mahendra (FLP)
Dep. Prime Min. Baba, Tupeni (FLP)
Dep. Prime Min. Speed, Adi Kuini Vuikaba (FAP)
Min. for Agriculture, Fisheries, & Forests Bune, Poseci (VLV)
Min. for Commerce, Business Development, & Investment Kumar, Anup (FLP)
Min. for Communications & Civil Aviation Bogileka, Meli (PANU)
Min. for Education Chand, Pratap (FLP)
Min. for Fijian Affairs Speed, Adi Kuini Vuikaba (FAP)
Min. for Finance, Public Enterprises, & Sugar Industry Chaudhry, Mahendra (FLP)
Min. for Foreign Affairs Baba, Tupeni (FLP)
Min. for Health Cokanasiga, Isimeli (FAP)
Min. for Home Affairs Uluinakauvadra, Jioji (FAP)
Min. for Information Chaudhry, Mahendra (FLP)
Min. for Justice Singh, Anand Kumar (FLP)
Min. for Labor & Industrial Relations Momeodonu, Tevita (FLP)
Min. for Lands, the Agricultural Landlord & Tenant Act (ALTA), & Mineral Resources Volavola, Mosese (FAP)
Min. for National Planning, Local Government, Housing, & Environment Chand, Ganeshwar (FLP)
Min. for Regional Development & Multi-ethnic Affairs Bale, Manoa (FLP)
Min. for Tourism & Transport Nailatikau, Koila Mara (VLV)
Min. for Women, Culture, & Social Welfare Padarath, Lavenia (FLP)
Min. for Works & Energy Sharma, Shiu Sharan (FLP)
Min. for Youth, Employment, & Sports Lesavua, Ponipate (PANU)
Asst. Min. for Agriculture & Forests Rigamoto, Marieta (Independent)
Asst. Min. for Home Affairs Ahmed, Gaffar (FLP)
Asst. Min. for Housing & Transport Ali, John (FLP)
Asst. Min. in the Prime Minister's Office Tagicakibau, Ema (FAP)
Asst. Min. in the Prime Minister's Office Vayeshnoi, Lekh Ram (FLP)
Attorney General Singh, Anand Kumar (FLP)
Governor, Reserve Bank Kubuabola, Jone
Ambassador to the US Masirewa, Napolioni, Ratu
Permanent Representative to the UN, New York Mara, Finau, Ratu