Ethiopia is located Eastern Africa, west of Somalia.

The terrain of Ethiopia includes Massive highland complex of mountains and dissected plateaus divided by Great Rift Valley running generally southwest to northeast and surrounded by lowlands, steppes, or semidesert; northeastern coastline of about 960 kilometers along the Red Sea. Great terrain diversity determines wide variations in climate, soils, natural vegetation, and settlement patterns.

Climate: The climate of Ethiopia is varied. levation and geographic location produce three climatic zones: cool zone above 2,400 meters where temperatures range from near freezing to 16° C; temperate zone at elevations of 1,500 to 2,400 meters with temperatures from 16° C to 30° C; and hot zone below 1,500 meters with both tropical
and arid conditions and daytime temperatures ranging from 27° C to 50° C. Normal rainy season from mid-June to mid-September (longer in the southern
highlands) preceded by intermittent showers from February or March; remainder of year generally dry.