World History 1906-1907 AD


Reform in Russia, Battleship Dreadnought, Universal Suffrage Finland, Dreyfus Affair Ends, All India League, France and Spain Control Morocco, Revolt in Natal, San Fransico Earthquake, Food & Drug Act, Meat Inspection Act , US Troops Occupy Cuba, First Powered Flight, Wasserman Test, Simplon Tunnel, Mauritania Launched, Helicopter Flies, Montessori School, Great White Fleet Sails, Peace Conference at the Hague, New Zealand Becomes Dominion, Passive Resistance in The Transvaal, French Warships Bombard Casablanca, Gentlemen's Agreement

1906 Reform in Russia -(5/6/06) On May 6th, Czar Nicholas announced the implementation of the Fundamental Laws. These laws clarified the October Manifesto of 1905. Under the laws, a State Council was established to act as the upper house of the Duma. This upper house was controlled by Nicholas. On July 22nd, however, Nicholas dissolved the Duma and embarked upon a ruthless suppression of dissent throughout the country.
1906 Battleship Dreadnought Launched (2/10/06)The British launched the battleship Dreadnought on February 10th. It was the first of an entirely new class of warships -- one that was equipped with all-turbine engines giving the vessels previously unheard-of speed. In addition, the Dreadnought was an all "big-gun" ship since its guns were 12 inches. The launching of the Dreadnought was a first step in the naval armaments race with Germany. The race was actually one-sided, however, since the British started from a much larger fleet and continually out-built the Germans.
1906 Universal Suffrage Finland-(3/7/06)Finland became the first country in Europe to give its women the right to vote. Within a year, there were women members of the Finnish Parliament.
1906 Dreyfus Affair Ends- (7/12/06)The Dreyfus Affair in France ended when the French Court of Appeals exonerated Alfred Dreyfus. The affair contributed to the decision to separate church and state in France. It marked the permanent decline of the military and anti-Semitic forces in France.

Alfred Dreyfus was a French army officer of Jewish descent who, in 1893-4, was wrongly accused of giving secret information to a foreign government. He was court-martialed and sent to Devil's Island for life. His exoneration came only after a long struggle by family and friends, which included the publication of Émile Zola's famous 1898 attack on the goverment, entitled "J'accuse."
1906 All India League -The Muslims of India founded the All India League. The League's goal was to strengthen the ties between India and the British Empire. India's Muslims created the League to counteract the growing strength of the Hindus. The League became the political vehicle of the Muslims of India.
1906 France Spain Gain Control of Morocco - After a long conference in Algeçiras to determine the future of Morocco, it was agreed that the French would have special responsibility for restoring order along the Algerian-Moroccan border. The Moroccan police force was to be jointly controlled by the French and the Spanish, with a Swiss Inspector General.
1906 Revolt in Natal -(6/10/06)When the Natal legislature imposed a poll tax of one English pound on all residents of Natal, a revolt erupted. The revolt was carried out by Zulu tribesmen of the area and was put down when the leader of the revolt, Bambaata, was killed on June 10th.
1906 San Fransico Earthquake - (4/18/06) The most disastrous earthquake in America's history hit San Francisco on April 18th. The earthquake, whose worst damage was caused by the fire that raged in its aftermath, killed over 1,000 people; 250,000 thousand people were made homeless, and property damage was said to be $250 million.
1906 Food & Drugs Receive Federal Control -(6/30/06) On June 30th, both the Pure Food & Drug Act and the Meat Inspection Act were passed. They provided for federal inspection of drugs, foods and meats. This was a large expansion of federal activities.
1906 US Troops Occupy Cuba - (10/6/06) After a revolt broke out in Cuba, the Cuban leader, Tomas Estrada Palama asked the United States to intervene. US forces occupied the island and organized a provisional government.
1906 First Powered Flight In Europe -(10/23/06) On October 23rd, Albertos Santos Dumont flew the first powered flight in Europe. The flight took place at Bagatelle, on the outskirts of Paris. The aircraft flew for 197 feet, at a height of 10 feet. The flight won the Archdecon Prize of 3,000 French francs, for the first sustained airplane flight in Europe.
1906 Wasserman Test Development-August von Wasserman, a German bacteriologist, developed a test to diagnose syphilis.
1906 Simplon Tunnel Opened -(5/19/06) The longest railroad tunnel in the world ,the Simplon, was opened under the Alps. The tunnel was 12.3 miles in length, and connected Italy and Switzerland.


1907 Peace Conference at the Hague -At the behest of President Theodore Roosevelt, leaders of all major nations met at The Hague. The major issue for discussion was the attempt to reach an arms limitation agreement. All attempts failed due to German opposition. The conference was successful, however, in expanding the rules of war and the rights of neutrals.
1907 New Zealand Becomes Dominion - (9/26/07) New Zealand had always been loyal to the British Empire. It contributed to the upkeep of the British Pacific Squadron. In 1907, New Zealand was granted dominion status within the Empire.
1907 Passive Resistance in The Transvaal -(3/22/07) The autonomous Government of Transvaal announced a policy that required registration and fingerprinting of all Asians. In response, led 10,000 Indian residents in protest. Gandhi instituted a widespread policy of protest marches and civil disobedience.
1907 French Warships Bombard Casablanca-(8/2/07) In response to the killing of nine European workers in Casablanca, French warships bombarded the city on August 2nd. The French were soon forced to commit 15,000 troops to garrison Casablanca and insure the safety of French citizens.
1907 Gentlemen's Agreement -Under the Gentlemen's Agreement, the Japanese agreed to withhold passports from laborers intending to migrate to the United States. In return, the United States agreed not to formally limit Japanese immigration.
1907 Great White Fleet Sails-(12/16/07) On December 16th, a fleet of 16 American battleships set sail on an around–the–world voyage. The voyage impressed upon the world both the power of the American Navy and America's intention to be active on the world scene in every way.
1907 Montessori School Introduced -Maria Montessori, who was the first women physician in Italy, opened a school for children. Her teaching methods, which bear her name, are still used today.
1907 First Helicopter Flies - On November 13, 1907, Paul Cornu flew the first helicopter. It flew for only twenty seconds and got five feet up in the air. The copter had severe control and stability difficulties.
1907 Mauritania Launched-The British launched the luxury liner the Mauritania. This began a new age in luxury liners that traversed the Atlantic.