The establishment of the Colonies of United States

Timeline of the Major Events in the Founding of the Colonies


1587-Roanoke Colony Founded

The first attempt to start a colony failed

Spanish Armada 1588 Spanish Armada Defeated

This battle guaranteed that the English would rule North America

1607 Jamestown Founded

The first successful colony was founded here

SW 1610 Spanish Founded Sante Fe

The Spanish extended the cliam to North America by founding Sante Fe

1614 Pocahontas Weds John Rolfe

In a story the Disney would make famous Pocahontas marries John Rolfe

1618 First Blacks Brought to America

Slavery Began in North America when the first blacks were brought as indentured servants

1620 Mayflower Lands at Plymouth Rock

The most famous ship brings the first settlers to New England

1622 New Hampshire Founded

A seperate colony was established and eventually became the state of New Hampshire

1624 New Netherlands Founded

The Dutch established their first and only colony in North America

1630 Massachusetts Bay Colony Founded

Boston was founded and with it the Mass Bay Colony

Maryland 1634 Catholics Found Maryland

The first colony was established for Catholics it became Maryland

1635 Roger Williams Founds Rhode Island

Looking for greater freedom Roger Williams founded a new colony Rhode Island

1637 Settlers Kill 500

The settlers of New England fought a war with the Pequot Indians.

1638 Connecticut Founded

Settlers from Massachusetts founded a new colony Connecticut

1638 New Sweden Founded

Delaware was founded by Swedes

1654 First Jews Arrive

Jews who had fled from the Portuguese Empire arrived at the colony of New Netherlands

1659 Quakers Executed

The views of the Quakers were not tolerated in the Bay Colony

1660 Quaker Woman Hanged

After returning the colony Mary Dyler was hung

1663 Carolinas Founded

The colonies of the Carolinas was founded by the English

1664 Dutch Yield New Netherlands

The Dutch were forced to give up their colony to the British

1665 New Jersey Founded

New Jersey was seperated from New York and became its own colony

1667 Bacon Rebellion

The first rebellion in North America took place in Virginia

1681 Pennsylvania Founded

William Penn founded Pennsylvania. It was to be a Quaker colony

1682 LaSalle Claims the Mississippi

The biggest river in North America was cliamed by La Salle for Spain

1690 Salem Witchery

Many women in Salem were accused of being witches

1733 Georgia Founded

A colony was established for the poor it was called Geogia

1739 Slave Rebellion

The first slave rebellion in North America took place in Virginia