The Presidnecy of George Washington

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The Presidency of Washington
The presidency of George Washington was a unique period in American history, everything was new and Washington set the tone and direction for all the presidents that followed.
Biography of President Washington
Biography of Martha Washington
A New Government Begins
Washington Procession and Inaguration-President Washington Journey from Mt Vernon was a cause of national celbration.
Congress Organizes The Government
The constitution provided the blueprint for the new government but it was up to Congress to actually implment it
Judiciary Act Passed- One of the most important bills passed by the Congress was the Judiciary Act that established the Court System

1791 Bill Of Rights Takes Effect
As part of the process to get the constitution ratified supporters promised amdendments to protect individual rights. That became known as the Bill of Rights.

1789- Notification of Washington
1789- Washington's Inaugural Address
1789- Senate Address to George Washington
1790- Judiciary Act
Hamiltonian Economics
The Economic future of America was debated by the early government. Alexander Hamilton presented plans to put the government and the country on a firm financial footing.
Assumption of State Dept.
In a controversial decision Hamilton convinced the Congress to take over the debt of the states
The Whiskey Revolt-
Washingotn led the troops that ended a short lived revolt
The Bank of US-
A key part of Hamilton ecnomic plane was the establishimen of a central bank
1790- Report On Public Credit
1791- Report On Manufactures
1791- Location of Capital
America and Native Americans
The early years of American history set the pattern for US governments relations with the Native Americans. The government wished to honor its committments to the Native Americans, as long it did not get in the way of America's westward movement- when it did warfare ensued.
1791 Battle Of Miami 1794 Battle Of Fallen Timbers
1792- Report on Frontier
1792- Cherokee Nation
1792- Five Nations
1793- Indian Treaty
America and the World
The early years of American History were years of challenge, with America trying to navigate between the British and French. France underwent its revolutioin which was first received with joy, until the bloody naure of the revolution became clear. The relations between the US and Britain would not resolve themselves until the War of 1812.
1793 Genet Affair 1793 Proclamation Of Neutrality
Events in Europe
1789-French Revolution
1791-National Assembly Establishes Constitutional Monarchy
1795 Jay's Treaty 1795 Pinckney's Treatys
1793-Louis XVI Guillotined
1794-Reign of Terror
1792- Report on Spain
1792- Treaty with Spain
1793- Proclamation Of Neutrality
1796- Jay's Treaty
Washington's Farewell Address
Washington's Farewell Address was published and not given but is considered his political testament to the American People

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