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September 30, 2013- Obama and Netanyhu Meet-Technion Get $140 Million Gift

President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu met today, the major point of the discussions was of course Iran. The meeting takes place a week after the Iranian charm offensive that included a meeting between the US Secretary of State Kerry and the Iranian Foreign Minister. President Obama spoke by phone with the Iranian leader as well.

The Israeli fear shared by much of the Arab world is that the Iranian are just attempting to buy more time by putting forth a more friendly face while continuing to develop nuclear weapons. The reality is there are two very different possibilities, either we and the West have one, the Iranians are indeed saying Uncle, since the sanctions are really hurting and thus the leadership fears that their will eventually be a popular revolt, or it’s a smoke screen. In reality anyone who says they know the answer, is lying. What Netanyahu hoped to accomplish was to convince Obama not to make any changes in the sanctions regime without seeing Iran take some real steps. At least publically Obama seemed to endorse Netanyahu position. Netanyahu for his part seemed to have made a concession- in his remarks he twice mentioned that Iran has to totally end its military nuclear program, leaving the door openthat it could pursue a civilian program. If there is a deal to be done that would be the one. Is it likely no possible yes.

It was announced yesterday that Chinese Billionare Lee Ke Chaing has donated $130 million to the Technion. The donation the largest in the Technions history will be used both domestically and to help the technion establish a campus in China. Chaing who was an early investor in Waze is effectively donating all the money he made from the sale of the compay to Google


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