Historical Documents of the 20th Century

Treaty With Great Britain Regarding an Isthmian Canal
Panama Canal Treaty
Entente Cordial
First Moroccan Crisis
US Naturalization Act
The Hague Convention
US Immigration Act of 1907
Haitian Agreement 1907
Gentlemen's Agreement 1908
Agadir Crisis
Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand
German Declaration of War on Russia
Wilson's Appeal for Neutrality
The First Lusitania Note to Germany
The Sykes-Picot Agreement
Balfour Declaration
Wilson's Declaration of War on Germany
Wilson's Fourteen Points
Peace Treaty of Brest-Litovsk
Peace Treaty of Versailles
US Peace Treaty with Germany
Naval Limitation Treaty
League of Nations
Permanent Court of Justice
Protocol for Pacific Settlement of International Disputes
Treaty of Neuilly, and Protocol the United States of America, the British Empire, France, Italy, and Japan
Slavery Convention
Immigration Act of 1924
Kellogg Peace Pact
Mussolini's Speech Announces Attack on Ethiopia
US Neutrality Act of 1937
"Quaratine Aggressor" by FDR
Hitler's Speech to Reichstag
Speeches by Chamberlain on the Invasion of Poland
Neutrality Act of 1939
Fireside Chat on National Defense by FDR
"We Shall Defend Our Island, Whatever the Cost"-Winston Churchill
The Atlantic Charter
Lend Lease Act
Roosevelt's Four Freedoms
Roosevelt's War Message to Congress
Cairo Conference
D-Day Radio Address
Yalta (Crimea) Conference
Roosevelt's Report on Yalta (Crimean) Conference
UN Charter
German Surrender
Japanese Surrender
Establishment of War Tribunal
Churchill's Iron Cutain Speech
UN Report on Palestine
Marshall Statement to the Senate
Truman Doctrine
Israel's Declared Independent
North Atlantic Treaty
Mao Zedong on Sino-American & Sino-Soviet Relations
Khrushchev on the Cult of Personality
Kennedy's Speech on Return from Vienna Summit
Kennedy's TV Address on Cuban Missile Crisis
Kennedy's Address on Nuclear Test Ban Treaty
UN Resolution 242-On Arab Israeli Conflict
UN Resolution 338-On Arab Israli Conflict
UN Resolution 385-On Namibia
UN Resolution 479-On Iran-Iraq
UN Resolution 502-On Falklands
Camp David Accords
UN Resolution 660-On Kuwait
UN Resolution 678-On Kuwait
UN Resolution 686-On Kuwait
UN Resolution 668-On Cambodia
UN Resolution 733-On Somalia
UN Resolution 752-On Bosnia
UN Resolution 812-On Rwanda
Israel PLO Declaration of Principles
UN Resolution 872-On Rwanda
UN Resolution 942-On Bosnia
UN Resolution 978-On Rwanda
Text of the Mitchell Report