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April 13, 2014 Political Uncertainity As Passover Arrives, Ramifications of Yizhar Settlers Attack on Army Post

The level of political uncertainty in Israel is high, as we head into the Pesach holiday. Prime Minister Netanyahu is facing an unhappy choice. If he reaches an agreement to resume negotiations with the Palestinians, (which it seems he does want to do), Naftali Bennnet's HaBayit Hayehudi party has made it clear they will leave the coalition – there are likely a few Likud Knesset members along with them. Should that happen, it will leave Netanyahu with a minority government dependent on the Labor party to act as a parliamentary safety-net for the government. Labor has made it clear that it will not enter the government just to continue the talks, and will do so only if real progress is made. On the other hand, if Netanyahu does not find a way of continuing negotiations, he will lose Tzipi Livni's HaT'nua almost immediately, and all observers believe it will only be a matter of time before Yesh Atid will be forced to withdraw as well. Beyond that, Israel’s international position will deteriorate as well. Two clearly poor options from which to choose.

The recent event at the outpost of Yizhar where settlers destroyed a small army base continues to have ramifications. The army has taken over the Yeshiva (in which many of those who attacked the army were learning) and turned it into a small army base. While condemning the attack on the army, the settlers are furious at the army for converting a Yeshiva into an army base. I wonder if the irony is not lost on them, the initial settlements in much of the West bank were created by making believe they were army bases and then turning them into settlements.

Finally, some good news ... The government has decided to pass legislation that should allow the free importation of many dry food items, like cereals. This action should actually bring down some prices.

Chag Sameach v'kasher to all




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