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US Naval Ships History
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n 1704 the British attacked Gibraltar to establish a base there. They were successful in capturing it. Soon after the capture a combined French Spanish fleet arrived at Gibraltar and engaged the British fleet. The ensuing engagement known as the battle of Velez Malga on August 17th, 1704 ended in a draw between the two competing forces.

August 3 1776- The Lady Washington, the Shark, Spitfire and Witing engage the HMS Phoenix and Rose on the Hudson River near Tarrytown.

August 28th 1778- The USS Reistance is captured off the US coast

In August in 1798 the HMS Leander a 50 gun 1000 ton ship was attacked by the French Genereux, a 74 gun 1,926 ton ship. The battle lasted six hours, but the outgunned Leander was forced to strike colors.

On August 19th 1812 in one of the most famous engagments of the War of 1812, the USS Constitution captured the British HMS Guerriere
The battle by Theodore Roosevelt-

August 1813- The USS Argus is captured by the British vessel the Pelican

August 8, 1942- The USS Jarvis DD-393 is attacked near Guadacanal, and dispapears.

Guadacanal- Savo Island- August 9, 1942
The first American offensive of the war was the landing on Guadalcanal. The resulting attempt to hold the island resulted in a number of sea battles with the Japanese. The first the battle of Savo Island on 9th August 1942. The Japanese led by Admiral Mikawa sent a task force of five heavy cruisers, two light cruisers and a destroyer to attack the American forces off the island. To guard the transport the allies had five heavy cruisers and a destroyer. The American group was divided into two groups and totally unaware of the approach of the Japanese ships. The battle began when Japanese float planes flying unmolested above the American cruisers released flares. Within moments Japanese guns had set the HMAS Canberra on fire. Moments later USS Chicago was similarly enveloped. Soon the Japanese turned their attention to the Northern group and the Astoria, Quincy and Vincensses were soon out of action and ablaze. Thus in the worse defeat in surface warfare in its history the US navy together with the Australians lost five cruisers without inflicting significant casualties on the enemy.

August 11, 1942- The HMS Eagle a British aircraft carrier is sunk while escorting a convoy near Malta

Guadacanal- Eastern Solomons- August 24, 1942
The Japanese decided to launch a major reinforcement of Guadalcanal, and sent three carriers battleships numerous cruisers and destroyers to support reinforcements the American carriers were sent to block the move. On August 24th the Ryujo an escort carrier which was being used as bait ahead of the main carrier force, was spotted and the Enterprise and Saratoga launched aircraft to attack it. By this time the main enemy force had been spotted, but it was impossible to contact attacking US force and they went on to sink the Ryujo.
The Main Japanese carrier force then attacked the Enterprise who was hit, but whose damaged was controlled. Pilots from the Saratoga responded and sank a Japanese seaplane tender.

August 31st 1942- The USS Reid sink the Japanese destroyer the RO-61 near the Aleutians.

August 6th 1943- Battle of Vella Gulf- A Japanese destroyer force attempt to reach Vella Lavella in the Solomons with 2,000 reinforcements.Six American destroyer ambush them and sink 4 Japanese destroyers with no losses to the American forces.

August 2nd 1944- The USS Fiske (DE-143) is sunk by a German submarine int eh Atlantic

August 14th 1944- Invasion of Southern France- US and British Naval forces landed the US Senth Army in Southern France.

August 14th 1944- The USS Cod (SS-224) sinks the Japanese Transport No 129

August 18th 1944 – The USS Rasber (SS-269) sinks the Japanese Escort Carrier Otaka near the Philippines. The USS Hardead sinks the Japanese light cruiser Natori off Samar

August 22nd 1944 The Japaese frigate the Sado is sunk by the USS Hado (SS-255)a. The Japnese frigates Matsuwa and Hirburi are sunk by the USS Harder (SS-257)

August 24th 1944– The USS Harder (SS-257) is sunk off the Philippines

August 25th 1944- The USS Picuda (SS-382) sink the Japanese destroyer Yunagi

August 26th 1944- the USS Batfish (SS-310) sinks the Japanese destroyer the Samidare.

August 29th 1944- The US Jack (SS-229) sinks the Japanese Minesweeper No 28.

August 6th 1945 The USS Bullhead (SS-332 ) is sunk off the coast of Bali


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