China Government  




The 58 million member CCP, authoritarian in structure and ideology, continues to dominate government and society. Nevertheless, China's population, geographical vastness, and social diversity frustrate attempts to rule by fiat from Beijing. Central leaders must increasingly build consensus for new policies among party members, local and regional leaders, influential non-party members, and the population at large.
President Jiang, Zemin
Vice President Hu, Jintao
Premier, State Council Zhu, Rongji
Vice Premier, State Council Li, Lanqing
Vice Premier, State Council Qian, Qichen
Vice Premier, State Council Wen, Jiabao
Vice Premier, State Council Wu, Bangguo
State Councilor, State Council Chi, Haotian
State Councilor, State Council Ismail, Amat
State Councilor, State Council Luo, Gan
State Councilor, State Council Wang, Zhongyu
State Councilor, State Council Wu, Yi
Sec. Gen., State Council Wang, Zhongyu
Chmn., Central Military Commission Jiang, Zemin
Min. in Charge of National Defense Science, Technology, & Industry Commission Liu, Jibin
Min. in Charge of State Development Planning Commission Zeng, Rongrong
Min. in Charge of State Family Planning Commission Zhang, Weiqing
Min. in Charge of State Nationalities Affairs Commission Li, Dezhu
Min. of Agriculture Du, Qinglin
Min. of Civil Affairs Doje, Cering
Min. of Communications Huang, Zhendong
Min. of Construction Wang, Guangtao
Min. of Culture Sun, Jiazheng
Min. of Education Chen, Zhili
Min. of Finance Xiang, Huaicheng
Min. of Foreign Affairs Tang, Jiaxuan
Min. of Foreign Trade & Economic Cooperation Shi, Guangsheng
Min. of Information Industry Wu, Jichuan
Min. of Justice Zhang, Fusen
Min. of Labor & Social Security Zhang, Zuoji
Min. of Land & Natural Resources Tian, Fengshan
Min. of National Defense Chi, Haotian
Min. of Personnel  
Min. of Public Health Zhang, Wenkang
Min. of Public Security Zhou, Yongkang
Min. of Railways Fu, Zhihuan
Min. of Science & Technology Xu, Guanhua
Min. of State Security Xu, Yongyue
Min. of Supervision He, Yong
Min. of Water Resources Wang, Shucheng
Pres., People's Bank of China Zhou, Xiaochuan
Ambassador to the US Yang, Jiechi
Permanent Representative to the UN, New York Wang, Yingfan
Hong Kong
(Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China)
Chief Executive Tung, Chee-hwa
Chief Secretary for Administration Tsang Yam-kuen, Donald
Sec. for Civil Service Wong, Joseph W. P.
Sec. for Commerce, Industry, & Technology Tang, Henry
Sec. for Constitutional Affairs Lam, Stephen
Sec. for Economic Development & Labor Ip, Stephen
Sec. for Education and Manpower Li, Arthur
Sec. for Environment, Transport, and Works Liao, Sarah, Dr.
Sec. for Finance Leung, Antony
Sec. for Financial Services and the Treasury Ma, Frederick
Sec. for Health, Welfare, and Food Yeoh, E. K., Dr.
Sec. for Home Affairs Ho, Patrick, Dr.
Sec. for Housing, Planning, & Lands Suen, Michael M. Y.
Sec. for Justice Leung, Elsie
Sec. for Security Ip, Regina
Chief Executive, Hong Kong Monetary Authority Yam, Joseph
Chief Justice Li, Andrew
Pres., Legislative Council Fan, Rita
Commissioner, Independent Commission Against Corruption Lee, Ambrose
Director of Audit Chan, Dominic Yin-tat
(Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China)
Chief Executive Ho, Hau-wah (Edmund)
Sec for Administration & Justice Chan, Florinda Da Rosa Silva
Sec for Economics & Finance Tam, Francis Pak-un
Sec for Security Cheong, Kuoc Va
Sec for Social Affairs & Culture Chui, Fernando Sai-on
Sec for Transportation & Public Works Ao, Man Long
Procurator Gen. Ho Chio, Meng
Pres., Court of Final Appeal Sam, Hou Fai
Pres., Legislative Council Chou, Susana
Commissioner, Audit Choi, Fatima Mei-lei
Commissioner, Independent Commission Against Corruption Cheong, U