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April 3, 2012 Wisconsin, Maryland and DC
March 24, 2012 Louisiana
March 20, 2012 Illinois
March 13, 2012 Alabama, Mississippi
March 10, 2012 Kansas
March 6, 2012 Super Tuesday
February 28, 2012 Romney Wins Arizona and Michagan
February 7, 2012 Santorum Wins Three Contest
February 4, 2012 Romney Wins Nevada Caucus
January 31, 2012 Romney Wins Florida Primary
January 21, 2012 Gingrich Wins South Carolina Primary
January 19, 2012 Rick Perry Withdraws
January 11, 2012 John Huntsman withdraws
January 9, 2012 New Hampshire Primary
January 3, 2012 Iowa Caucus
December 10 ABC, Yahoo Des Moines Register Debate
December 3 Herman Cain Suspends Campaign
November 12 CBS Debate
November 9 CNBC Debate
October 11 Bloomberg Debate
September 24 Florida Straw Poll
September 21 Google Fox News Debate
August 14 Tim Palenty Wtihdraws
August 13 Ames Poll
August 13 Rick Perry Announces He Will Run
August 12 Iowa Debate
June 22 Jon Huntsman Announces He Will Run
June 13 CNN Republican Debate in NH
June 13 Rep. Michele Annouces she Is Running
June 2 Governor Romney Annouces He Is Running
May 23 Governor Tim Pawlenty Announces He Will Run
May 15 Congressman Ron Paul Announces He is Running
May 11 Speaker Gingrich Announces He is Running
April 11 Governor Romney Annouces Exploratory Committee
April 3- President Obama Announces His Reelection Bid
March 21 Tim Pawlenty Announces Exploratory Committee
February 11 CPAC Conference

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