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Iowa Caucus January 3, 2012

After months of talking and debating the first results from voters took place in Iowa on January 3, 2012 when the Iowa caucuses were held. The race had been one of the most tumultous in primary history with various candidates emerging as leaders only to lose their support. Mitt Romney on the other hand maintained a constant level of support of around 25 percent. He was never able to increase that support, but in a highly fractured field it was not enough for him to eke out the victory a victory against thenthe late surging Rick Santorum who was declared a winner a few weeks after the caucus. Ron Paul came in third with 21 Percent of the vote as opposed to the 25 percent the front runners received. Texas Governor Rick Perry announced at the end of the night that he was returning to Texas to contemplate his future moves after coming in fourth place. The Next day Michelle Bachmann announced she was ending her bid for the White. House. In the Democratic Caucuses President Obama ran unopposed.

Marc Schulman