World History 1924-1925 AD

1924 Lenin Dies -(1/24/24)The death of Vladimir Lenin marked the beginning of a power struggle between Stalin and Trotsky for control of the Soviet state.
1924 Dawes Plan -(9/1/24) The Dawes Plan went into effect in 1924. The plan rescheduled the amount of reparations that the Germans were forced to pay the Allies. Under its terms, the Allies also removed their occupational troops from the Ruhr.
1924 Ibn Saud Takes Mecca -Ibn Saud had undertaken a campaign to unify Saudi Arabia. In October 1924, Ibn Saud captured Mecca, thereby coming close to achieving his goal. The next year, Medina and Jidda surrendered to Ibn Saud and, in January 1926, Ibn Saud became the King of the Hijaz.
1924 Immigration Receives Futher Cutback -The Johnson–Reed Act cut back the total number of immigrants to the United States to 164,000 per year. It also limited the immigrants to a proportion of those who had lived in the United States in 1890, instead of 1910. This effectively cut off immigration from Eastern Europe. It also outlawed all immigration from Japan.
1924 Teapot Dome Scandal - Misuses of power for private gain had been rampant in the Harding Administration. The extent of these infractions only became clear with the public disclosure of the "Teapot Dome Scandal": a naval oil reserve was leased to private individuals by the Secretary of the Interior. He was convicted and sentenced to a year in prison.
1924 Around the World Flight -(9/28/24) On September 28th, two American aircraft returned from the first round-the-world flight. The journey took 175 days. The two aircraft, "The Chicago" and "The New Orleans," covered a total of 26,343 miles. The other aircraft failed to complete the journey.


1925 Locarno Conference - (10/5/25) A conference was held and treaties signed guaranteeing peace in Europe. The pacts included a treaty of mutual guarantee of the Franco-German and Belgian-German borders. The treaties, which covered many potentially disputed areas, served to provide Europeans
a sense of security.
1925 Berber Resisters Subdued in Morocco - The Berbers attempted to resist the French in Morocco. Henri Petain, who took control of the French forces in Morocco, required 150,000 men to subdue the Berbers and capture their leader Abl-el Krim.
1925 Druse Revolt Against French -The Druse Revolt began in the Jabal Druse, but soon spread throughout the country. The Druse took control of Damascus. The French bombed Damascus with artillery, tanks and planes. It took the French a year and a half to put down the revolt.
1925 Scopes Monkey Trial - (7/26/25) In 1925, Tennessee passed a law outlawing the teaching of evolution. On July 10, 1925, John Scopes, a biology teacher in Dayton, Tennessee, was put on trial. He was accused of teaching Darwinian theory. Clarence Darrow defended Scopes, who lost the trial. The trial, however, undermined the effort to outlaw the teaching of evolution.
1925 Air Mail Contracts Given -(10/7/25) Five private companies won air mail contracts in the United States. The contracts were for New York–Boston; Chicago–St. Louis; Chicago–Dallas; and Salt Lake City–Los Angeles. The air mail awards were given after the Air Mail Act took effect. Under the Act, all air mail that was once transported by the US government would soon be transported by private companies.
1925 Doolittle Wins The Schneider -(10/26/25) Flying a Curtiss R–3C2 biplane, Army Lieutenant Jimmy Doolittle captured the prestigious Schneider Cup for seaplanes. Doolittle averaged 232 miles per hour on his course, which was over Chesapeake Bay.