the Colonies

New England Colonies Founder Date Reason for Founding
Massachusets Bay
Williamd Bradford
John Winthrop
1620 Religious Freedom
New Hampshire John Mason 1622 Commerce
Connecticut Thomas Hooker 1652 Religious Freedom
Rhode Island Roger Williams 1636 Relgious Freedom
Middle Colonies
New York Dutch Settlers 1624 Expand Trade
Delaware Swedish Settlers 1638 Swedish Settlers
New Jersey John Berkely
George Cateret
1664 Commercial Interests
Pennsylvania William Penn 1681 Religious and Commercial Interests
Southern Colonies
Virginia John Smith 1607 Expand Trade
Maryland George Calvert 1632 Religious Freedom and Commercial Interest
North Carolina   1719 Split Fron South Carolina
South Carolinas Group of Eight 1663 Commercial Interest
Georgia James Ogethrope 1732 Home for Debtors Commercial Interests