History is Relevant

To many history is an old boring story. To those of us who have spent their lifetimes studying and teaching history, history is the key to understanding our world today. We are creating two new sections in historycentral. The first is History That Will Be News- these are events that taking place today that we believe will be history.


Historic Background

The second section is background is a historical background of current events. Over the years we have written a number of essays, and we will add more in the coming weeks and months. Let us know if you have ideas for other subjects.

History of Hamas

Russia Invades Ukraine

CoranaVirus and Other Pandemics

Emergency Powers of the President

Anti-Semitism From Peter Stuyvesant to Pittsburgh

Why the Electoral College

Impeachment- An historical Overview

A Short History of the Arab Israeli Conflict

The Conflict Over the Temple Mount

Sunni vs Shite