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Major Events in Israel and the Middle East
A Daily Analysis
By Marc Schulman

September 30, 2007 What Direction Will Olmert Take?

September 25 , 2007 Zionist Rabbis Fight Back Against Haredim

September 24 , 2007 Mazuz Orders Another Criminal Probe of Olmert- Sunday Times Report on the Syria Raid

September 23 , 2007 "The Israel Lobby" and Some Very Disturbing Developments

September 20 , 2007 Netanyahu Slips

September 19 , 2007 Gaza Declared Enemy Territory

September 18 , 2007 Chemical Gas Accident in Syria

September 17 , 2007 Iran and France

September 16 , 2007 A Fuller Picture of the Attack on Syria

September 11 , 2007 Tragedy at an Army Base

September 10 , 2007 More on Syria

September 9 , 2007 What Did Israel Do In Syria- An informed Opinion

September 6 , 2007 Syria Claims Israeli Planes Violate Syrian Airspace

September 5 , 2007 Israel to Consider Cutting Electricity to Gaza, Changes in Iran

September 4 , 2007 Cabinet to Meet on Qassam Attacks

September 3 , 2007 Qassams Fall on Sderot/New IDF Five Year Plan

September 2 , 2007 Awards For Bravery Distributed

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