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Major Events in Israel and the Middle East
A Daily Analysis
By Marc Schulman

July 31 , 2007 Russians Support Abbas/ Top Defense Official Retires

July 30 , 2007 Holocaust survivors to receive small pension next year/Israel running out of power

July 29 , 2007 Tel Aviv Stock Market Drops/ Defense Budget Discussed

July 27 , 2007 New Palestinian Government Platform Accepts Previous Agreements

July 26, 2007 Heat Wave in Israel

July 25 , 2007 Strike Begins then ends, Arab Foreign Minister in Israel to Promote Peace Plan

July 24 , 2007 National Strike

July 23 , 2007 General Strike Expected

July 22 , 2007 Olmert and Supreme Court Spar- More Syrian Questions.

July 20 , 2007 More on Ahmadinejad Visit to Syria

July 19 , 2007 Ahmadinejad Visits Syria, Meets Assad, Nasrallah and Meshal

July 18 , 2007 State Comptroller Releases Report on Home Front

July 17 , 2007 Assad Sworn In Gives Conciliatory Speech

July 16 , 2007 Bush Speaks/ Olmert and Abbas Meet

July 15 , 2007 Shimon Peres Israel's Ninth President

July 13 , 2007 Israel and Syria- War or Peace?

July 12 , 2007 One Year Anniversary of the Second Lebanon War

July 11, 2007 IDF Vice Chief of Staff States No War Expected This Summer

July 8 , 2007 Prisoner Release Approved/Now What?

July 5 , 2007 IDF in Firefight with Hamas/Syria Backtracks on Peace

July 4 , 2007 Cabinet Shuffle/BBC report Johnson Freed

July 3, 2007 IDF Senior Officers Need Better Training/ Ramon Angry at Not Being Finance Minister

July 2, 2007 First Anniversary of Lebanon War

July 1, 2007 Katzav Plea Bargain Grips Israel/Olmert to Appoint New Finance Minister With No Experience

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