Israeli News: A Daily Analysis
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A Daily Analysis
By Marc Schulman

July 26, 2007 Heat the News From Israel

The news from Israel today was the heat, which I guess is a positive sign.  The temperature in Israel rose above 100 degrees Fahrenheit today and there were at least two deaths caused by the heat.  The weather can be as deadly as Qassam rockets.
The general labor strike ended early this morning, and the only real question is why it had to happen at all.  When the stike ended each side spoke and said how honest and how professional the other side was.  The one question why this agreement could not have happened without a strike.
Just to keep us grounded in reality, Israeli Television Channel 10 news showed the list of Israelis soldier who will be receiving Israel’s highest medals for the Second War in Lebanon.  What struck me was how will represented Russian names were in the list.  It seems like only yesterday that many of us were manning the picket lines to free Soviet Jews; today their children are members of IDF and fighting, and in most cases, dying like all other native Israelis.