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A Daily Analysis
By Marc Schulman

July 27 , 2007 New Palestinian Government Platform Accepts Previous Agreements

The Palestinian government on the West Bank has approved new principles, which include accepting all the previously signed agreements and renouncing the armed struggle. Palestinian Prime Minister Sayed (West Bank) is said to be considering setting up a separate party from Fatah. The new party's platform will be no corruption, economic growth, and peace with Israel. In the meantime, Vice Premier Ramon is pushing Olmert to accept his plan for withdrawal from much of the West Bank, as the basis for a long-term interim agreement with the Palestinians. Ramon’s agreement does not include a final settlement of the refugee question or decisions about the status of Jerusalem. Olmert seems close to endorsing the plan. Most Israeli observers agree that Olmert certainly is looking to change his political legacy to something other than "loser of the War in Lebanon." Not to mention, the Ramon plan was the type of peace platform on which Olmert and Kadima ran on in the last election.

The New York Times ran a page one article today called: “US Officials Voice Frustration with Saudis, Citing Role in Iraq”. According to the article the US believes the Saudis are trying to undermine the actions of Iraqi Prime Minister Malaki and they are aiding Sunni insurgents. The Saudi are said to believe Malaki is no more then the puppet of Shia Iranians. Reading that article made me reflect on the fact that the Saudis are probably right. The US is expending a fortune in lives and wealth in Iraq. IF we are successful, at this point, we will leave a country that may effectively be under the control of Iran. So, we are fighting in order for our enemies to win.