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A Daily Analysis
By Marc Schulman

July 8 , 2007 Prisoner Release Approved/Now What?

The Vice Chief of Staff made the first public statement by the army declaring that they do not expect a war this summer. General Kaplinsky stated that there is fear a miscalculations could bring about a war. However, the army does not think the Syrians are ready, nor have decided to bring about a war. One of the reasons given for Syria’s alleged lack of preparedness, is that Syria has ordered new equipment from Russia, which will not be delivered for another year. It is in Syria’s interest to wait. Of course if one looks back at history, there was a similar view prior to the Yom Kippur War.

Israeli Channel 10 correspondent reported tonight on how well coordinated the Hezbollah, was with Syria and Iran before the outbreak of the war. According Tzvi Yechzkeli, ten days before the outbreak of the war Nasrallah went to Damascus, the first time he left Lebanon in years. He held a meeting with Assad and the Head of the Revolutionary Guard in Iran. Its clear that they approved the kidnapping of the Israeli soldiers and the risk of war that the kidnappings entailed.

Tonight, for the first time, members of the Winograd commission began to speak out on the reaction of Prime Minister Olmert to the report. They stated that they did not believe that Olmert would stay in his job. They went on to assert that the public should wait until the final report comes out. Commission members claimed that Olmert had a great ability to ignore reality. We put a loaded gun aimed at Olmert, it looks like we will have to fire it next time. This is an artificial quiet before the storm hits.

I have finally completed my promised review of FOXBATS OVER DIMONA. You can read it here.

Tomorrow a year after the Lebanon War.