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Major Events in Israel and the Middle East
A Daily Analysis
By Marc Schulman

June 28, 2007 Katzav Agrees to Plea Agreement

June 27, 2007 israel Sends Small Forces into Gaza

June 26, 2007 Opposition to Prisoner Release from Israeli Right -

June 25, 2007 Olmert Offers Prisoner Release Speaks Eloquently

June 24, 2007- Gilad Shalit Held for One Year

June 22, 2007 Israel Ponders Help it Can Provide Abbas

June 21, 2007 Summit to be Held Next Week

June 20, 2007 Abu Mazen Speaks Out Against Hamas

June 19, 2007 Bush and Olmert Agree no Talks with Syria

June 18, 2007 The Challenges Facing Defense Minister Barak

June 17, 2007 Katusha Rockets Hit Kiryat Shemona

June 15, 2007 Gaza a Day After- Barak Defense Minister

June 14 Hamas Captures All of the Gaza Strip

June 13- Peres Elected President

June 12 - Barak Wins Labor Primary- Civil War in Gaza

June 11, 2007 Fighting Continues in Gaza- Barak Ahead in Polls

June 10, 2007 Fighten Worsen's Between Hamas and Fatah

June 8, 2007- Talks With Syria?

June 7, 2007 Barak Even With Ayalon- Peres Leads For Presidency

June 6, 2007 Pines-Paz Supports Barak/Hamas Splits

June 5, 2007 War Talk With Syria-Again

June 4, 2007 War Unlikely This Summer/Israel May Choose to Negotiate With Syria

June 3, 2007- No Qassams Fall on S'derot

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