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A Daily Analysis
By Marc Schulman

June 27, 2007 israel Sends Small Forces into Gaza

Israel sent small forces into the Gaza Strip today. The purpose of
the incursions was to keep Hamas and the other fighter off balance.
The IDF wants to be proactive and keep Hamas busy and "on the
defensive", so they are not able to plan offensive action. The IDF
feels free to take military action in Gaza now that Hamas is fully in
power. Today's IDF actions were successful. The Hamas and Jihad
fighters attempted to stop the IDF and two Israeli soldiers were
lightly wounded. 13 Islamic fighters were killed and an unknown
number were wounded. The IDF also took a significant number of
prisoners for intelligence purposes. This sort of action has the
imprint of the new Defense Minister (Ehud Barak), quick short
"pinpricks" to keep the enemy guessing.

The IDF needs better intelligence on what is going on in Gaza.
Israeli commentators have made it clear that we really do not know
what is going on there. Foreign correspondents have only been allowed
to show how good things are in Gaza. Reporting bad news is not

Former (as of today) British Prime Minister, Tony Blair has been
appointed by the Quartet (US Great Britain, France and Russia) as
their special envoy to the Middle East. Blair has stated that it is
life dream to bring about peace between Israel and the Palestinians.
Blair is credited with being one of the most successful British Prime
Ministers ever. He is given a major share of the credit for ending
the violence in Northern Ireland. Lets pray he will be successful at
achieving his lifelong dream.