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A Daily Analysis
By Marc Schulman

June 12, 2007 Barak Wins Labor Primaries- Clashed Between Hamas and Fatah Become a Full flegded War

The clashes between Hamas and Fatah reached new heights today, with observers and Palestinians themselves describing the fighting as full fledged warfare. Hamas seems intent on taking over all of Fatah's major strongholds in the Gaza Strip. Palestinian President Abbas has called it a military takeover by the Hamas, and the Egyptian moderator who has been attempting to bridge the difference between Hamas and Fatah seemed like he was ready to break into tears while being interviewed by Al Jazeerah.

A Palestinian man interviewed by Israeli TV said that only an earthquake set off by G-d could stop the fighting. There are the first signs that the fighting may spread to the West Bank. Hamas leaders from the West Bank are said to have been kidnapped in the last day by Fatah. Where does this lead Israel? Not to peace any time soon.

Former Prime Minister Ehud Barak has won the Labor party primary. The immediate result will be that Israel will have a new Minister of Defense. Whether you like Barak or not, I think everyone will agree that most Israelis will sleep better at night having Barak as Minister of Defense instead of Peretz in that position. How things will shake out when the final Winograd Commission report comes out is not clear. It seems apparent that Ayalon's agreement with Peretz did not help him.