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A Daily Analysis
By Marc Schulman

September 17 , 2007 Iran and France

 It’s clear that some elections have consequences.  French Foreign Minister Bernard Koucher’s remarks that the world should get ready for a war with Iran, if it does not cease its nuclear program, came as quite a shock to those who are used to France being the conciliator of Europe.  While its unlikely that France would consider military action against Iran anytime soon, Koucher’s remarks, followed by his call for tougher sanctions will influence the European nations to take those sanction more seriously.  Israel’s raid on Syria earlier this week should convince many nations that if the extra efforts are not taken to put serious sanctions in effect, military action will be taken.

 News from Israel today was dominated by the story of the airline crash in Phukat, Thailand. As many as nine Israelis are thought to have been victims of the crash.  Last month an Israeli was killed when a boat capsized on the way to this very popular vacation island.