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A Daily Analysis
By Marc Schulman

September 10 , 2007 More on Syria

The story of what happened in Syria continues to trickle out a little at a time. The Syrian Foreign Minister said today that Israel fired live weaponry on Syria. A Syrian parliament member compared this recent attack to IsraelŐs attack on the Iraqi nuclear reactor. It seems, on the other hand, President Assad is doing everything he can do to keep the details quiet, sending reinforcements of the secret police to the area. As one Israeli observer stated: "Assad does not want anyone to know the extent of the 'hit' he took". YesterdayŐs post was accurate- Israel attacked an NBC target in Syria successfully.

Olmert and Abu Mazen met again today. By all accounts, the two reached a basic agreement on the framework for a permanent agreement. They will have something to bring to summit. What it is agreement is worth, time will tell. Olmert is said to have agreed to a further prisoner release in time for Ramadan.

In Gaza, the Hamas are arresting and beating up Fatah members who are praying outside mosque in defiance of the Hamas. Meanwhile, the Palestinian police are arresting Hamas members in Hebron. There is a fear in West Bank that Hamas is going to begin active resistance to the Fatah government .