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A Daily Analysis
By Marc Schulman

September 11 , 2007 Tragedy at an Army Base

Today a tragedy at an army base took place.  At approximately 3 AM Israel time, 60 soldiers were injured from a Qassam rocket that hit the area where they were sleeping in tents (outdoors!!!) This did not have to happen.  Months ago, Israeli television had a segment on the complaints of parent’s of the soldiers there.  They were living in crowded tents with no protection, a perfect target for those firing missiles. 
It is true that those hurt in the attack were soldiers and soldiers take risks, but putting large numbers of them in open tents in an area that can be easily hit by Qassams is simply irresponsible.  Not to mention, the base is for basic training; these soldiers were supposed to have finished their course today.  This was definitely a less than joyous end.
Today CNN’s Christiane Amanpour today reported that Israel’s attack last week was aimed at a major arms shipment that was heading from Iran to Lebanon.  The attack took place in North Eastern Syria not far from the Iraqi border.  According to Amanpour, besides aircrafts, Israel also had a small number of men on the ground. 
I am not sure I agree with Amanpour’s target, since it would seem to me that if the arms were headed to Hezbollah, the attack did not have to take place in the far eastern part of Syria, which was more risky.  Amanpour further reported that both the American and Israeli governments were very pleased with the outcome.  I agree with that.