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Major Events in Israel and the Middle East
A Daily Analysis

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By Marc Schulman
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Sept 30, 2009 Shalit Tape In Return For Palestinian Women Prisoners

Sept 29, 2009 Barak Almost Arrested in England- Iran Update

Sept 25, 2009 US, French and Britsh Leaders Make Joint Statement Condemning Iran

Sept 24, 2009 Netanyahu Speaks at the UN, Progress at on Iran, Ahmadinejad Gives His Yearly Rant

Sept 23, 2009 Obama Speaks at the UN, Meets with Russian President

Sept 21, 2009 Joint Meeeting Between Obama, Netanyahu and Abbas Tomorrow

Sept 17, 2009 Obama Cancels European Missile Defense,New Year in Israel

Sept 15, 2009 UN Report Slams Israel- Iran and Some Interesting Ideas on Israel's Future

Sept 13, 2009 The Tragedy of the Ramon Family

Sept 11, 2009 Missiles Strike Northern Israel

Sept 9 , 2009 Netanyahu in Russia, Netanyahu Cuts Back Planned Visit to NY. School You Tube Video

Sept 8 , 2009 Iran Nuclear Program, Charedim and Tal Law, Chabad in Ramat Aviv

Sept 6, 2009 No Agreement Near on Shalit- Settlement Controversy

Sept 2, 2009 Three Stories

Sept 1, 2009 Former Ministers go to Jail, Civil War in Yemen, Syria Responsible For Iraq Bombings

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