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Major Events in Israel and the Middle East
A Daily Analysis

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By Marc Schulman
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April 29, 2009--Israel at 61

April 26, 2009--Hezbollah and Fatah- Education in Israel

April 23, 2009--Hezbollah Plans Attack, Netanyahu's Economic Plan, Obama Gives Holocaust Speech

April 22, 2009--Lieberman on Saudi Plan, IDF Report of Gaza and Israeli Tycoons in Trouble

April 21, 2009--New York Times Articles and Obama Begins Push For Negotiations

April 20, 2009--Holocaust Remembrance Day and Ahmadinajad

April 19, 2009--Egypt vs Iran, US Not to Participate in Durban II

April 16, 2009--Mitchell in Israel

April 13, 2009--Failed Boat Attack, Some Thoughts on Iran

April 12, 2009--Hezbollah in Egypt-Obama's Seder

April 7, 2009--Successful Missile Test, Lebanese Elections and Obama in Turkey

April 6, 2009--President Obama Reaffirms His Commitment to Two State Solution

April 5, 2009--The Slow Wheels of Israeli Justice Grind On

April 2, 2009--Terrorist Kill Youth in West Bank Settlement

April 1, 2009--Lieberman Begins Term on a Shrill Note

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