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Major Events in Israel and the Middle East
A Daily Analysis

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By Marc Schulman
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March 31, 2009--New Government Sworn In

March 30, 2009--Netanyhu Government to Have 30 Cabinet Minister

March 29, 2009--Last Minute Negotiations Over Shalit

March 26, 2009--Israel Attacked Iranian Arms Shipment in Sudan

March 25, 2009--30th Anniversary of Egyptian Peace Agreement

March 24, 2009--Labor Votes to Join Netanyahu Government

March 22, 2009--Actions in Gaza Criticized by Soldiers. Fight in the Labor Party

March 18, 2009--Barak Wants To Join Government

March 17, 2009-Hamas Refuses to Budge, Negotiations Over For the Moment Re. Shalit. Netanyahu Having Difficulties With Coalition

March 16, 2009--Negotiations Fail To Secure the Release of Shalit. Lieberman Signs Coalition Agreement

March 15, 2009--Negotiation Down to the Wire Over Shalit and Coalition

March 12, 2009--Katsav Gives Pathetic Speech, Neogtiations Down to the Wire Over Shalit

March 11, 2009--Syrian Egyptian Reconciliation

March 9, 2009--The Tragedy of Gilad Shalit

March 8, 2009--Katzav to Indicted For Rape-The Sad State of Israeli Politics

March 5, 2009--Lone Terror Attack in Jerusalem

March 4, 2009 Clinton Promises to Work to Stop Expansion of Settlements

March 3, 2009--Clinton in Israel- Barak Seeks Way Into Coalition

March 2, 2009--Kadima Ends Any Talks With Likud. Donor Nations Meet About Gaza

March 1, 2009--17 Missiles Fall on Israel, Iran Has Enough Uranium for a Bomb

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