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Major Events in Israel and the Middle East
A Daily Analysis

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By Marc Schulman
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February 26, 2009--Fatah and Hamas Meet

February 25, 2009--Iran Moving Foward With Bomb

February 24, 2009--18th Knesset Sworn In

February 23, 2009--Next Government Led By Netanyahu Will Have to Deal With Ceasefire and Hamas

February 22, 2009--Bombing in Cairo, Tension Between Iran and Bahrain, Livni Not Likely to Join Coalition

February 20, 2009--Netanyahu Get Official Nod to Form to Government

February 19, 2009--Lieberman Recommends Netanyahu to Form Government

February 18, 2009--President Peres Begins Meetings, Shalit Relesae on Hold

February 17, 2009--Unemployment Rises in Israel

February 16, 2009 Religious Issues at the Center of Coaltion Negotiations.

February 15, 2009--Deal Near With Hamas- Coalition Negotiations Going Nowhere Quickly

February 12, 2009--Final Election Results- No Change

February 11, 2009--The Elections- What They Mean

February 10, 2009- Election Results

February 9, 2009--Elections Start in Hours

February 8, 2009--Agreement Maybe Close- Undecided the Unknown in Election

February 6, 2009--Final Election Poll-Explanation of Parties

February 5, 2009 -Hamas Stalls on Ceasefire-Elections Getting Close

February 4, 2009--Ceasefire Up in Air- Election Heats Up

February 3, 2009--Missile Hits Ashkelon, Concern About Hezbollah

February 2, 2009--More Missiles and Mortars Fired at Israel- Hamas Stiffens Its Position

February 1, 2009--Thirteen Missiles and Mortars Fired at Israel

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