Israeli News: A Daily Analysis

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A Daily Analysis
By Marc Schulman

February 2, 2009--More Missiles and Mortars Fired at Israel- Hamas Stiffens Its Position

One qassam and a number of mortars of landed in southern Israel today. It was a smaller number than yesterday. The IDF responded with limited attacks against Hamas targets, working under the assumption that there will be ceasefire within the next few days. They may be right, but word from Cairo is that Hamas has been stiffening their position and has not approved the Egyptian terms for an agreement. Hamas leader Meshal has been continuing his victory tour of the Middle East.

I still remember the story that my grandfather told me long before his death 38 years ago. He told of the Palestinian who was trying to send shoppers to a store down the road by telling everyone that passed that there was a great sale going on there even though there was not one. Finally, he closed his stand. When a neighbor asked him why, he answered because there was a great sale down the road and he wanted to take advantage of it. The Palestinians, unfortunately, have had a long history of believing their own propaganda, and it may be happening again.

The moribund Israeli election campaign continues with the media talking about the coalition after the election. Minister of Defense Barak ran an ad today stating that most Israelis believe that there will be another war in a year. If there is a war they want either Netanyahu or Barak in charge of security (more want Netanyahu) so if one wants to make sure that Barak remains in charge of security vote for Barak. The ad also showed they did not want Minister of Foreign Relations Livni. Most observers think this ad is for Barak to be Minister of Defense under Netanyahu's administration.