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A Daily Analysis
By Marc Schulman

February 10, 2009--Election Results

The following are based on 99% of the actual votes cast.

Initial results show a victory for Livni
Kadima 28
Likud 27
Yisral Beteinu 15

Havado(labor) 13
Shas 11
Meretz 4
Yahadut Hatorah 5
Ha'ichud Ha'leumi 3
Ram-Tal 3
Hadash 4

Habayit Hayehudi 4
Balad 3

To the parties read here

Right .............. 64

Left ................. 56

Now the question is... who will put together the coalition. It is up to President Peres to decide who will put together the coalition, based on who has the greatest chance of accomplishing that goal. Traditionally, it has been the head of the largest party that has been asked to form the coalition. In this case, if more parties suggest Netanyhu has the best chance of putting together a coalition, Peres may suggest Netanyahu puts together the coalition.

One thing is clear. Livni won a large personal victory. Polls had shown her as low as 13 seats two months ago. The last pre-election poll showed her at only 23 seats. Its clear the two trends I referred to yesterday indeed happened. Late deciders voted for Livni, as it became clear she might indeed beat Bibi.

Kadima may push for a short term government whose only goal will be to change the election system. That is something that needed to be done for many years.