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Major Events in Israel and the Middle East
A Daily Analysis

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By Marc Schulman
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January 30, 2009--Mitchell Completes Visit, Spanish Government Promises to Change Law

January 29, 2009--Missiles Fired From Gaza, Israel Responds- Election Ads

January 28, 2009--IDF Responds to Hamas Attack, Michell in Israel

January 27, 2009--Hamas Tests Israel By Attacking Israeli Soldiers

January 26, 2009--Anti-Semitism in Europe, Mitchell On His Way to the Middle East

January 25, 2009--Israel-Gaza a Week After the War Ended

January 22, 2009--Obama Speaks About Gaza and Peace Talks, Appoints Mitchell Special Envoy

January 21, 2009--Obama Calls Mideast Leaders on Day One

January 20, 2009--Israel Contemplates President Obama

January 19, 2009--Ceasefire Holds, Feeling in the Arab World-Iran and Syria Lost This Round

January 18, 2009--Hamas Accepts Ceasefire- Gas Discovered Off israel Coast

January 17, 2009--Israel Annoucnes a Unitlateral Ceasefire

January 16, 2009--Day Twenty One of War with Hamas, No Official Ceasefire but War Nears End

January 15, 2009--Day Twenty of War with Hamas, Israel Eliminates Top Hamas Leader, Ceasefire Near

January 14, 2009--Day Nighteen of War with Hamas, Hamas Indicates It's Willing to Accept Egytian Ceasefire Proposal

January 13, 2009--Day Eighteen of War with Hamas, Israel Advances but End is Near

January 12, 2009--Day Seventeen of War with Hamas, End May Be Near, Hamas Gives Mixed Messages

January 11, 2009--Day Sixteen of War with Hamas, Cabinet May Be Split- Ground Forces Advance

January 10, 2009 Day Fifteen of War with Hamas, An indepth Analysis of Where the War Stands

January 9, 2009--Day Fourteen of War with Hamas,Hamas and Israel Reject Ceasefire

January 8, 2009--Day Thirteen of War with Hamas,Hamas Rejects Ceasefire, UN to Votes

January 7, 2009--Day Twelve of War with Hamas, Fighting Continues While Ceasefire Talks Take Place

January 6, 2009 Day Eleven of War with Hamas, Heavy Urban Fighting

January 5, 2009--Day Ten of War with Hamas, Heavy Evening Fighting, Hamas Missiles Reach Ashdod and Beersheva

January 4, 2009--Day Nine of War with Hamas, Israel Cuts Gaza in Half- Ground War Continues

January 3, 2009--Day Eight of War with Hamas, the Ground War Begins

January 2, 2009--Day Seven of War with Hamas, Is a Ground Attack Coming?

January 1, 2009--Day Six of War with Hamas, Israel Kills Key Hamas Leader, Over 40 Missiles Fired At Israel

December 31, 2008--Day Five of War with Hamas, Hamas Strikes Beersheva, Ground Forces Await Better Weather

December 30, 2008--Day Four of Attack, Talk of Possible Ceasefire, Mubarak Places New Condition on Opening of Border

December 29, 2008--Day Three of Attack, Israel Expands Target List, Ground Attack to Come, Nasrallah Crosses a Line

December 28, 2008--Israel Attacks Tunnels, Hamas Fires Less Missiles- Ground Action Expected

December 27, 2008--Israel Launched "War" Against Hamas in Gaza- Achieves Tactical Surprise

December 25, 2008--IDF Prepares to Act- The New York Times Fails to Report Hamas Rocket Attacks

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