Sept 24, 2009 Netanyahu Speaks at the UN, Progress at on Iran, Ahmadinejad Gives His Yearly Rant

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A Daily Analysis
By Marc Schulman

Sept 25, 2009 US, French and Britsh Leaders Make Joint Statement Condemning Iran

Today’s joint announcement requires a quick update. The joint statement by President Obama and the leaders of France and Great Britain publicly announced the fact that Iran has been violating the treaty obligations by hiding an enrichment plant. The three leaders were especially blunt and clear in their statement, with British Prime Minister ending the by saying: Let the message that goes out to the world be absolutely clear: that Iran must abandon any military ambitions for its nuclear program.

For the moment it looks like the West, with the possible support of Russia and even possibly a reluctant C hina, may actually take actions that may be effective. Even with substantive sanctions it is not likely that the current Iranian government will fold, but sanctions applied wisely might hasten the end of the regime. One of the most optimistic news from Iran was the demonstrations last week that were used to hijack the government's annual demonstrations in solidarity with the Palestinians. The anti regime demonstrators made it clear with their chants that they did not want to have anything to do with Hamas and Hezbollah. There is a clear path to ending the threat of nuclear from Iran that does not require a very dangerous Israeli air attack.

Prime Minister Netanyahu was on Charlie Rose last night- it was an excellent interview and you watch it here

Below is Netanyahu's speech to the UN

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