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Quail I AM-15
Quail II AM-377
Quaker City SwGbt
Quapaw AT-110
Quartz IX-150
Quastine AOG-39
Queen ScStr
Queen Charlotte
Queen City SwStr
Queen of France
Queen of the West
Queenfish SS-393
Queenfish II SSN-651
Queens APA-103
Quest SP-171
Quest II AM-281
Qui Vive SP-1004
Quick DD-490
Quicksilver SP-281
Quileule YTB-540
Quillback SS-424
Quincy II CA-39
Quincy III CA-71
Quinnapin YT-286
Quinnebaug I
Quinnebaug II ScStr
Quinnebaug III SP-1687
Quirinus ARC-39
Quiros I PG-40
Quiros II IX-140
Quonset YRB-40