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Asia 1900-2008
1900-Boxer Rebellion
1901-Boxer Rebellion Ends
1901-Australia Created
1902-Anglo Japanese Treaty
1904-Russo Japanese War
1904-British Forces Reach Tibet
1904-Japanese Victorious
1905-Sun Yat-Sen Founds Union
1906-All India League
1907-New Zealand Becomes Dominion
1909-Revolution in Persia
1909-Prince Ito Assassinated in Japan
1910-Japan Annexes Korea
1911-Revolution in Central China
1912-Sun Yat-Sen Founds Kuomintang
1914-Japan Declares War on Germany
1919-Massacre in Amristar (India)
1919-British-Afghan War Erupts
1920-Gandhi Leader of Indian Independence Movement
1921-Modern Turkey Founded
1921-Reza Kahn Becomes Ruler of Persia
1923-Treaty of Lausanne
1927-Chiang Kai-Shek Breaks With Communists
1930-Gandhi Leads Revolt in India
1930-Chiang Kai-Shek Attacks Communists
1932-Japanese Attack Manchuria
1932-Indian Congress Declared Illegal
1932-Coup D'Etat Ends Absolute Monarchy in Siam
1932-Japanese Attack Shanghai
1933-Japan Leaves League of Nations
1934-Mao Sets Off On Long March
1935-Government of India Act
1935-Commonwealth of Philippines Declared
1936-Revolt in Japan
1937-Sino-Japanese War Resumes
1937-India's National Congress Wins Election
1937-Revolt in Japan, Japan Sinks American Gunboat "Panay"
1946-Revolt in Japan-Chinese Civil War Resumes
1946-Republic of the Philippines Inaugurated
1946-Vietnamese Resist French
1947-India/Pakistan Gain Independence
1948-Major Nationalist Defeat in Manchuria
1949-Communist Victory in China
1950-USSR and China Sign 30 Year Pact
1950-North Korea Invades the South
1953-Korean Armistice
1954-Dien Bien Phu Falls
1954-Geneva Accords
1954-SEATO Formed
1957-Mao Says: "Let A Thousand Flowers Bloom..."
1958-Quemoy and Matsu
1959-Uprising in Tibet
1960-Sino-Soviet Split
1960-Syngman Rhee Resigns
1961-US Commitment To Vietnam Grows
1962-Agreement Establishes Malaysian Federation
1962-Border War Between China and India
1963-Diem Government Overthrown in Vietnam
1964-China Explodes A-Bomb
1965-War Escalates in Vietnam
1965-Singapore Withdraws From Malaysian Federation
1966-Kashmir Crisis
1968-Tet Offensive
1968-Pueblo Captured
1969-US and Japan Agree on the Return of Okinawa
1969-Clashes on Soviet Chinese Border
1970-War in Vietnam Spreads To Cambodia
1971-India Invades Pakistan
1971-Communist China Joins UN, Replacing Taiwan
1972-Nixon Visits China
1973-US Complete Withdrawal From Vietnam
1974-India Explodes Nuclear Device
1975-Pol Pot Takes Over Cambodia
1975-Communists Capture South Vietnam
1978-Indira Gandhi Expelled From Parliament
1979-US and China Establish Full Diplomatic Relations
1979-Vietnamese Take Phnom Penh, China Invades Vietnam
1979-Ali Bhutto Hung
1980-Soviets Invades Afghanistan
1983-Korean Airliner Shot Down
1984-Indira Gandhi Murdered
1984-UK and China Agree on Hong Kong
1986-Marcos Flees the Philippines
1987-Tamil Guerillas Ambush Convoy
1988-Soviets Pull Out Of Afghanistan
1989-Japanese Emperor Hirohito Dies
1989-Pro-Democracy Rallies in Tiananmen Square
1996-Taliban Captures Afghanistan
2001- Chinese Plane Colliedes With US Spy Plane
2001- New Japanese Prime Minister
2001- Nepal Royal Family Killed
2002- Taliban Overthrown in Afghanistan
2002 Bali Nightclub Bombing
2005-Bombing in Pakistan
2007 Bhutto Assassinated
2008- Russia Invades Georgia
2008- Musharraf Resigns
2008-Mumbia Terror Attack
2011-Osama Bin Laden Killed by US Forces