Oscars of the 1960's


Year Picture Actor Actress Suporting Actor Suporting Actress Director

1960.....The Apartment (Mirisch Co., United Artists) Lancaster, Burt (Elmer Gantry) Taylor, Elizabeth (Butterfield 8) Ustinov, Peter (Spartacus) Jones., Shirley (Elmer Gantry) Wilder, Billy (The Apartment)

1961......West Side Story (United Artists) Schell, Maximillian (Judgement at Nuremberg) Loren,. Sophia (Two Women) Chakiris, George (West Side Story) Moreno, Rita (West Side Story) Robbins, Jerome; Wise, Robert (West Side Story)

1962......Lawrence of Arabia (Columbia) Peck, Gregory (To Kill a Mockingbird) Bancroft, Anne (The Miracle Worker) Begley, Ed (Sweet Bird of Youth) Duke, Patty (The Miracle Worker) Lean, David (Lawrence of Arabia)

1963..... Tom Jones (Woodfall Prod., United Artists-Lopert Pictures) Poitier, Sidney (Lilies of the Field) Neal, Patricia (Hud) Douglas, Melvyn (Hud) Rutherford, Margaret (The V.I.P.'s) Richardson, Tony (Tom Jones) Tom Jones (Woodfall Prod., United Artists-Lopert Pictures)

1964.....My Fair Lady (Warner Bros.) Harrison, Rex (My Fair Lady) Andrews, Julie (Mary Poppins) Ustinov, Peter (Topkapi) Kedrova, Lila (Zorba the Greek) Cukor, George (My Fair Lady)

1965.....The Sound of Music (20th Century Fox) Marvin, Lee (Cat Ballou) Christie, Julie (Darling) Balsam, Martin (A Thousand Clowns) Winters, Shelley (A Patch of Blue) Wise, Robert (The Sound of Music)

1966..... A Man for All Seasons (Columbia) Scofield, Paul (A Man for All Seasons) Taylor, Elizabeth (Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf) Matthau, Walter (The Fortune Cookie) Dennis, Sandy (Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf) Zinnemann, Fred (A Man for All Seasons)

1967.....In the Heat of the Night Steiger, Rod (In the Heat of the Night) Hepburn, Katherine (Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?) Kennedy, George (Cool Hand Luke) Parsons, Estelle (Bonnie and Clyde) Nichols, Mike (The Graduate)

1968...... Oliver! Robertson, Cliff (Charly) Hepburn, Katherine (The Lion in Winter) and Streisand, Barbara (Funny Girl) (tie) Albertson (The Subject was Roses) Gordon, Ruth (Rosemary's Baby) Reed, Sir Carol (Oliver!) Oliver!

1969.....Midnight Cowboy Wayne, John (True Grit) Smith, Maggie (The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie) Young, Gig (They Shoot Horses, Don't They?) Hawn, Goldie (Cactus Flower) Schlesinger, John (Midnight Cowboy)

1970.....Patton Scott, George C. (Patton) (award refused) Jackson, Glenda (Women in Love) Mills, John (Ryan's Daughter) Hayes, Helen (Airport) Schaffner (Patton)