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Caldwell DD-69 Chew DD-106 Cummings DD-44
Caldwell II DD-605 Childs DD-241 Cummings II DD-365
Callaghan DD-792 Clark DD-361 Cushing III DD-376
Caperton DD-660 Cogswell DD-661 Cushing IV DD-797
Capps DD-550 Colhoun DD- 85  
Carmick DD-493 Collett DD-730  
Case DD-285 Converse DD- 291  
Case II DD-370 Converse II DD- 509
Cassin DD-43 Conway DD-507
Cassin II DD-372 Conyngham II DD-371
CassinYoung DD-793 Crane DD-109
Champlin DD-104 Craven II DD-70
Charles Ausburn DD-294 Craven III DD-382
Chauncey II DD-296 Crosby DD-164
Chauncey III DD-667 Crowininsheild DD-134