Ethnic groups: Distinct ethnic groups within Spain include the Basques, Catalans, and Galicians.
Religion: Predominantly Roman Catholic.
Languages: Spanish (official) 74%, Catalan-Valenciana 17%, Galician 7%, Basque 2%.
Education: Years compulsory--to age 16. LiteracyÑ98% (2003 est.).
Work force (17.2 million): ServicesÑ64.8%; agricultureÑ5.2%; constructionÑ12.0%; industryÑ18.0% (2004 est.).

Spain's population density, lower than that of most European countries, is roughly equivalent to New England. In recent years, following a long-standing pattern in the rest of Europe, rural populations are moving to cities.

Spain has no official religion. The constitution of 1978 disestablished the Roman Catholic Church as the official state religion, while recognizing the role it plays in Spanish society. More than 90% of the population are at least nominally Catholic.