March 2005 in Iraq
US Casualties

March 2nd- 13 Iraqis soldiers were killed in two separate attacks. Thie first attack occurred when an explosive pack car drove into a crowd at an army base at the former Mutanna airport in Baghdad. The second attack was on an army convoy in the Dawra neighborhood of the city.

March 4th Five police officers were killed and another seven wounded when two suicide bombers attacked the main gate of the Ministery of Interior in Baghdad. One policeman was killed in Baquaba when a car bomb exploded outside the main police station in the city

March 4th- Seven US soldiers were killed in Iraq. Four of those killed were killed in Anbar province.

March 7th. A series of attacks around Iraq killed over a dozen people. 50 miles north of Baghdad in the city of Balad a scuicide bomber drove his truck into the house of an army officer. Five civilians were killed including two students outside a next door high school. In Baquba northeast of the Baghdad 12 solidies were killed and more then 25 people were wounded in a series of attacks on Iraqi checkpoints and convoys.

March 10th A suicide bomber entered a shite mosque in the city of Mosul. He detonated explosives strapped to his body and killed 40 people and wounded another 60.

March 12th Three Iraqi policemen were killed in the Northern City of Mosul.
March 25th In a series of attacks throughout Iraq 23 people were killed. 11 Iraqi police commando were killed in Ramadi when a suicide bomber drove into a check point 16 more were wounded. Five Iraqi women who worked as cleaning people on an American base were shot dead.

March 28th Insurgents carried on a series of attackes South of Baghdad that killed ta total of nine people.

March 29th : National Assembly convenes.
March 31st On the Shite festival of Arbayeen two separate suicide bombings killed five people. The first attack took place in the northern city of Tuz Khurmato. A bomber drove inot a crowd there. The second attack took place in Baghdad where a suicide bomber attacked.