June 2004 in Iraq
US Casualties
June 4th - Five US soldiers were killed when their humbee was attacked by an Improvisd Exlosive Device. The attack took place in the Sadr City neighborhoo of Baghdad.

June 8th- Car bombs went off at the gate to an American base outside of Baquba a second went off in Mosul in front of a school. A total of 12 were killed by the boming. Six Polish, Slovick and Latvian soldiers were killed when they tried to defuse a bomb south of Baghdad.

June 14th A convoy containing foreign contractors was attacked by suicide bombers. 13 people including three GE employees were killed. The convoy was traveling near Tahrir Square in central Baghdad when truck containing explosive slammed in .

June 17th Forty-one are killed in two car bomb attacks. The largest attack took place at the main army recruiting station in downtown Baghdad. In that attack a car driving by a suicide bomber detonated outside the station killing 35 and wounding 138 Eight Iraqi police were killed in two separate attacks one in Mosul and the other in Salman Pak.
June 23rd -100 Dead in attacks in Five Iraqi Cities- Coordinated attacks occurred in five Iraqi cities- Falluja, Ramadi, Baquba, Mosul and Gaghdand. The worse attack occurred in Mosul were car bombs damaged a police acdaem, two police stations and a hospital killing 62 people. In Baquba insurgents took to the streets after proclaiming their loyalty fo Abu Musa al-Zarqawi, the Al Qaeda aligned terrorist leader. They took over a police station and killed two American their.

June 28th Occupation authority turns formal power over to interim government.