January 2005 in Iraq
US Casualties

January 4th the Governor of Baghdad Province was assassinated by gunnmen. The governor Ali al_Haidari was killed as he left his home. A large car bomb exploded near the Iraqi Ministry of Interior . The explosion killed 10 people and wounded 60. Seven American soldiers were killed as well

January 19th Five powerful bombs went out throughout Baghdad. 26 people were killed including nine members of the Iraqis security forces. Attacks took place at the Australian embassy, a police station, an army garrison and a bank.

January 26th- A Marine copter crashed in Iraqs western desert killing 30 troops aboard. On the same day four Marines were killed when their convoy was ambushed outside the town of Haditha. In addition an army patrol was attacked near the Northern town o f Duluiyah and one soldier was killed. The toll of the 36 US servicemen killed was by far the bloodiest day of the war for US forces.

January 30th: Iraqis elect 275-seat National Assembly; Shiite Muslim-dominated coalition wins 48 percent of votes, Kurdish alliance 26 percent. Most Sunni Arabs boycott voting.