February 2006 in Iraq
US Casualties
February 2nd - Two car bombs went off in eastern Baghdad. The bombs wemt off near a market as people were returning from work. A total of 16 people were killed in the two explosions, the second of which went off in the same area a few minutes after the first. This attack followed a day when 36 people were killed in a series of attacks across the country

February 8th In a day that was typical 10 Iraqis were killed by insurgents in various parts of the country. Among those killed was a prominent Sunni Sehik Ahmed Abdulah Sela Jibouri- who was a member of the town council of Hawija. He was shot and killed by assassins.

February 15th 11 people were killed in a series of bombing in Baghdad. The largest bombing took place in a crowded market. Another went off in front of a school killing four children walking to school

February 19th A total of 17 people were killed across Iraq in a series of attacks. The attacks included a car bomb in Baghsdad, a number of shootings, bombings in Fallua, Taji and Kirkurk

February 22nd Bomb damages Shiite shrine in Samarra, touching off sectarian bloodshed that has killed more than 500 and injured hundreds more, threatening to push Iraq into civil war. In a response to the bombing Shite militants began attacking Sunnis in their neighborhoods. On this same day seven Americans were killed in to seperate IED attacks on US forces.

February 28th 75 Iraqis were killed in bombing throughout Iraq. The most deadly part of the attacks were five powerful bombings that took place in Baghdad. By the end of the day authorities reported that a total of 379 people had been killed and 458 wounded since the bombin of the Shite shine in Samarra on the 22nd.