February 2005 in Iraq
US Casualties

February 7th Ð Two suicide bombers kill 27 people in Mosul and Baquba.

February 11th 20 Iraqis are killed in Baghdad.

February 12th 17 people are killed by a suicide bomber in the town of Musayyib.

February 19th The holiest day of the Shia calendar Ashura was interrupted by six suicide bombers that killed 30 people and wounded another 150.

February 20th 15were killed in a car bombing in Tikrit.
February 24th 25 people were killed in a series of suicide attacks throughout Iraq. 10 Iraqis were killed and 35 were wounded. Other attack included two roadside bomgs in the sunni city of Qaim, near the Syrian border, a bombing in Kirkurk and a shooting inside a bakery in Baghdad.
February 28th: Suicide car bomb blasts crowd of Iraqi police and army recruits in Hillah, killing 125 people in insurgency's bloodiest attack to date. The attack occurred when a sedan full of explosives drove into a crowd of new recruits waiting for a medical checkup. 170 were wounded in a blast that was so powerful that it set a row of stores afire across the street from the explosion.