Evangical/ Born Again

by Marc Schulman


Evangelicals are one of the groups who have been most loyal to the Republican Party. Issues such as abortion, gay rights, and even school prayer are more closely reflected in the views of the Republican candidates than in the positions of the Democratic contenders


The votes of Evangelical, sometimes known as "Born Again", Christians have been tallied separately only in the last two Presidential races. This new tally is an important development, as the Evangelical Christian electorate has been growing rapidly. In the two elections that have tallied Evangelical Christians have given their support overwhelmingly to the Republican Presidential candidate. That fact should not come as a surprise. Most Evangelical Christians view abortion as a key issue and the Republicans have been strong opponents of women's "Choice". Support among self-identifying Evangelicals is stronger for the Republican Party than support for Republicans among Catholics who share the same views on abortion. By definition, the religious beliefs Evangelicals maintain are a very important factor in their identity. While many Catholics are simply born Catholic. As a result, their faith is not all that important to them.