2004 Democratic Convention

Boston, MA

July 26-29 2004

Nominated: John Kerry of Mass for President

Nominated: John Edwards of Tenessee for Vice President

Senator Kerry was nominated on the first ballot. The convention was well organized with no real surprisses.

Day One Monday July 26th
Bill Clinton, Former President of the United States
Jimmy Carter, Former President of the United States
Al Gore, Former Vice President of the United States
Hillary Clinton, U. S. Senator from New York
Tammy Baldwin, U.S. Representative from Wisconsin
Robert Menendez, U.S. Representative from New Jersey
Stephanie Tubbs-Jones, U.S. Representative from Ohio

Day Two Tuesday July 27th
Teresa Heinz Kerry, Wife of John Kerry
Ted Kennedy, U.S. Senator from Massachusetts
Barack Obama, U.S. Senate Candidate
Janet Napolitano, Governor of Arizona

Day Three Wednesday July 28th
John Edwards, Democratic Vice Presidential Nominee
Elizabeth Edwards, Wife of John Edwards
Steve Brozak, Ret. Lt. Col., USMC
Jennifer Granholm, Governor of Michigan
Bill Richardson, Governor of New Mexico

Day Four Thursday July 29th

John Kerry, 2004 Democratic Presidential Nominee
Alexandra Kerry, Daughter of John Kerry
Vanessa Kerry, Daughter of John Kerry
Juanita Millender-McDonald, U.S. Rep. from Calif.
Madeline Albright, Former Secretary of State
Max Cleland, Former U.S. Senator from Georgi