1964 Democratic Convention

Chicago, Ill

August 26 to 29, 1968

Nominated: Hubert Humphrey of Minn for President

Nominated: Edmund Muskie of Maine for Vice President

The democratic convention was marked by two major issues neither of which was who would be the Presidential nominee. When the convention opened Humphrey's lead in delegates was too large for there to be any outcome but Humphry's nomination. The first issue was the question of the convention plank on the Vietnam War. Two very different planks were entered, one supporting the Administrations position and the second calling for an end to bombing and a phased withdrawal of troops. The Administrations' plank was adopted 1527 to 1041 votes. The failure of the anti-war plank increased the level of demonstrations in the streets. The Chicago police reacted to the anti-war demonstrations with a brutality unseen, certainly on television in many years. As scenes of the violence on the streets were shown at the convention the delegates were appalled. Senator Ribicoff of Connecticut as he placed McGoverns name before the convention stated "Wtih George McGovern as president we would not have Gestabo tactics in the streets of Chicago."