1940 republican Convention

Cleveland Ohio

June 24 to 28, 1940

Nominated: Wendell L Willkie for President

Nominated: Charles L McNary of Oregon for Vice President

The Republican convention of 1940 resulted in one of the largest upsets in convention history. In early 1940 the leading candidates for the nominations were Senator Robert Taft and Thomas E Dewey the New York District Attorney. As the international situation became worse with the fall of France- both Taft and Dewey were considered by many as too isolationist. Wendell Wilkie who was best known a utility executive who had opposed Roosevelt's TVA. Wilkie was an outspoken supporter of American support for the Allies. When the time came for the balloting- Dewey led on the first three ballots, but the galleries demanded Wilkie. On the fourth ballot Wilkie took the lead and clinched the nomination on the fourth ballot.